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You’ve probably heard of real estate photography, but do you know how to take great pictures? The best real estate photos are high-resolution, so you can easily view details on a large screen, while a low-resolution image makes it hard to view the details of a property. Ideally, real estate photos should have a resolution of 1440 pixels on the smallest side.


When shooting real estate photos, the timing of the photography is crucial. Shooting photos early in the morning or late at night can produce dull or poor-quality images. Try to shoot early in the morning or before sunset for the best lighting conditions. Also, remember to keep yourself at a reasonable height. The interior’s light is especially important because it shows off a house’s spaciousness. However, if you do not have enough time to arrange this, you can position yourself at a slight angle.

One of the most important tips used by professionals at Real Estate Photography Denver CO is to be adaptable. Always remember that each shoot is different, and the photographer must adapt to the circumstances. Furthermore, a real estate photo shoot aims to please the client. Therefore, real estate photographers should set their rates based on the nature of the assignment. Doing so shows the clients that they have the right equipment and are prepared for any eventuality. And most of all, they should always try to be as flexible as possible.


There is an assortment of camera gear used by photographers. The best cameras have full-sensor sensors and allow manual picture taking. A wide-angle lens can help make small rooms look spacious. Moreover, a tripod makes it easier for you to take photos of high-rise buildings. It also allows you to take pictures of small spaces. A high-quality camera with a low price tag is an excellent choice for the real estate industry. You should also invest in photo editing software to enhance your photos.

Tripods are also important and should be brought along for every shoot. A tripod provides stability and support during various shooting situations, including interior and exterior shots. Having the proper tripod is vital for creating sharp interior and external images, and they can also be helpful when shooting HDR or composite photographs.

Time Commitment

Time commitment is one of the most important things to consider when hiring a real estate photographer. Real estate agents often wanted everything yesterday, and that includes their photographs. Real estate photographers typically deliver 20-40 photos per shoot, but if you plan on shooting 4-6 houses in one day, you should be prepared to commit to a short turnaround time. When working with a real estate photographer, you’ll want to hire someone with extensive experience and a fast turnaround time.

The time commitment required for real estate photography varies from project to project. It will take less time to shoot exteriors than interiors and smaller homes. Larger homes, such as apartments, will require more photos. If you’re a newbie, it’s also a good idea to reach out to more experienced photographers for advice. Many are more than willing to share their experience and tips. A small-business photographer will have a hard time balancing the customers’ demands with the business’s needs.

Hero Shot

Every property listing should feature a hero shot. This can be the main cover image of the listing or another feature of the property. Creative photographers can incorporate the property’s unique features into their hero shots. For example, a photographer could take an aerial photograph that includes the front of the house. Before shooting the listing photo, ask the property owner if there is anything special that makes their property stand out from the rest.

A hero shot may also be a video highlighting a property’s main feature. In the latter case, the hero photo or video should be the primary feature of a listing. For example, if a property is in a rural area, a drone can be used to capture the property from above. In general, hero shots are exterior shots of the home. However, the hero shot can also be a video of the entire property.

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