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Lamps in hotel bedrooms contribute to the mood and well-being of guests while being energy-efficient to minimize energy consumption. In addition, in a room with “poor” furniture, light with character and full-bodied are vital.

Create a calming atmosphere in the room by arranging various points of light in ways that give the impression of warmth and soft light. Consider combining small wall lights on either side of the bed with a table lamp or an adjustable floor lamp as a solution.

The following examples of lamps can be adopted for your room.

Here are some examples of lamps for hotel bedrooms

Below are some ways to use hotel bedroom lamps that you may want to consider for your project:

Floor lamps

There are various floor lamps you can choose from to place at the entrance to the room or in a strategic corner that, for example, diffuses light from above. Depending on the style of your hotel, you can choose from a variety of designs, from the classic to the more particular.

Wall or ceiling lamps

You can opt to apply the lamp either to the ceiling or to the wall, depending on the height of the ceiling: This type of lamp can be designed to fulfill different functions, from the general one – how to illuminate the darkened areas left by the ceiling lamp – to the more specific ones, such as reading light or ambience if you have adjustable lights.

Chain lights

Make the atmosphere more intimate by hanging chains of lights on the wall or by illuminating areas on the wall, arranged to form patterns reminiscent of the starry sky.

In the entry of the room, strategically effective lighting is important, perhaps in the form of spotlights, recessed lighting over the headboard of the bed, or mounted on the wall adjacent to the headboard.

A table lamp for the bedside table

You simply cannot ignore the lighting of the bedside tables, as we’ll see later: either use table lamps or wall lamps to maximize space. Since the bedside light is typically the last light to be used during the day and is usually used alone when the other lights are off, its importance cannot be overstated nor underestimated.

This product, the table lamp, offers a timeless solution to creating a warm and luxurious atmosphere that is complemented by the decoration that you choose to create a contrast or to improve the design of the room.

LED design

A LED light can also help you give your hotel room an even more chic appearance, by highlighting the headboard and the interior of your wardrobe.

Additionally, wall panels can also be used as a fusion of style and effect, because they can be both installed on the wall and on the ceiling, and they add an extra touch of elegance to a room through their combination of light and color. You can create very pleasing visual experiences using this option of an LED design in your house.

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