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If you are looking to buy a home in London, or invest in the London property market, you will need to secure the services of good Conveyancing Solicitors in Liverpool. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know how to select one good conveyancing solicitor from another. Our guide is provided to help you navigate the different conveyancing options out there.

How to Get Property Conveying Quotes in Liverpool

The first and perhaps most simple step is how to get good quality quotes from reputable conveyancing solicitors in Liverpool. There are a number of ways to get quotes:

  • Search online
  • Ask friends for recommendations
  • Approach a firm in your local area

Online Quotes

Internet search engines are full of different options when it comes to conveyancing solicitors. It is important to take time to check out the options, read the website and talk to the company. Most conveyancing firm websites offer an online quote function where you can input your information and obtain a quote. We would always recommend speaking to the firm to get a feel for how they handle their clients and transactions and also to make sure your quote is as accurate as possible. You should also check out reviews from customers.

Friend Recommendation

Maybe a friend has recently bought a property, or is currently going through the process of buying or selling a home. By talking to them and asking who they have used and how they have found the process, it can be a good way of getting real world experience of a conveyancing firm.  If you decide to approach the firm, you can mention it is a friend recommendation and ask for the same conveyancing solicitor to handle your transaction if possible.

Local Firms

Do you walk past the same firm of solicitors each day on your commute to work or whenever you go into town? Is there a firm next door to your workplace. Well perhaps approach them. Although a lot of the conveyancing process is centralised and online now, so local knowledge is less important in the field of conveyancing these days, for some clients, they want the personal approach. They want the comfort of being able to go into an office for anything that may be required during the process.

Beware of Estate Agent or Broker Recommendations

Often when purchasing a property, your estate agent or broker can attempt to push the services of a particular firm on you by claiming this is the only way you can qualify for a property, or the only way it will be done in time. You need to be mindful of the motivation here. Although some do have good working relationships with conveyancing firms, in most cases the agent or broker will benefit financially from you instructing their recommended firm. Although properties differ and different solicitors have different ways of working, the conveyancing process is broadly the same and so it is likely that instructing their recommended firm will just cost you more, rather than actually making the process any smoother or any quicker. There are more important things to consider when choosing your conveyancing solicitor.

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