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Designing a kitchen is a challenging job. Surely factors like aesthetics and trends will come into play, but functionality is an important concern for this hub of the home. With regard to selecting a material for kitchen countertops with both values for looks and durability, one of the best choices is white quartz.

About White Quartz

Much loved for their functionality and versatility, countertops made of white quartz are a matchless and timeless mode to enhance kitchens, small or big. In contrast to soapstone and marble (derived totally from natural quarries), quartz is a stone that is engineered, combining ground, natural quartz (90% ) with wasted crushed stone, resins and pigments.

The result of such engineering is a sleek and stunning surface of snow white quartz which has the attraction of natural stone but features benefits like non-porous nature. This renders it resistant to stains, bacteria, dents and scratches.

History Of White Quartz

It is a fact that white quartz has surged in popularity in the last ten years thanks mostly to innovative leaps in design. But there is nothing new in the actual process of material creation.

The history of white quartz can be traced back to the 1970s when Breton, an Italian company, drew up patents for the original combination of resin and quartz. This patent and formulation are respected even to this day.

Currently, leading companies making white quartz are continually tweaking patterns and designs, including details like veining, which render white quartz practically identical to the more expensive competitors of natural stone.

Benefits Of White Quartz

White quartz is popular for many reasons. The main factor is its timeless beauty. From dramatic veining to all-white kitchens, there are attractive styles of white quartz countertops to match the décor of any home. Additionally, it is easy to get samples of this material which helps in mixing and matching styles before making an investment.

The following are some of the other main benefits of white quartz: 

  • Durability

This is the main quality of the material. Several homeowners opt for quartz because of its durability. Yet, this does not imply that a quartz slab cannot be knocked into pieces. It is possible to crush it when so required. However, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind that quartz surfaces will last longer than their other, cheaper alternatives. Most clients can vouch that countertops made of quartz are able to endure rough and tough use. The fact is quartz is one of the hardest materials on the planet, and it is very tough to scratch it, even by using a knife.

  • Resistance to stains

The kitchen is a high-traffic area prone to spills and damage. The countertop can be ruined by stains and spills of coffee, wine or spaghetti sauce. A white countertop, you fear, will make such spots prominent to most eyes. But here is where the quality of the material comes into play.

Quartz is not a porous material, and spills & stains will not accumulate in the material as there are no holes where these will seep inside to trouble house owners or house guests. Therefore, even if the countertop is white, it will not stain easily if the material is quartz. So, don’t worry if someone spills tomato ketchup on the countertop.

  • Low maintenance 

Since quartz is both non-porous and durable, it needs minimal maintenance and very less care. It is not necessary to scrub the work area after cooking. Stains can be cleaned easily with a clean cloth, soap and water.

Additionally, since the material is non-porous, it does not offer a good environment for bacteria and other microbes to proliferate. These surfaces do not have space for organic matter to accumulate and for microbes to thrive. The only need is for simple disinfection of surfaces to remove bacteria after cooking. Such hygienic practices keep the kitchen smelling fresh.

  • Versatile beauty  

White quartz slab is both trendy and timelessIt helps to match both modern and classic interiorsBecause of this, it is impossible to go wrong with white. It seldom matters whether the material is meant for countertops in the bathroom or kitchen. White is a colour that matches the décor of most other colours. They complement brown, red or grey cabinets. If you are unsure, you can check the websites of companies for kitchen themes and designs.

  • Purity and cleanliness

It is a known fact that the colour white appears neat and clean. White is the best bet for persons seeking pristine elegance. White countertops are timelessly elegant. Several persons have a preference for plain colours, which do not have veining, speckles and features since they match many themes and styles.

  • Spacious and bright

More light is reflected by white surfaces. Hence, the bathroom or kitchen with white countertops looks attractive, bright and appealing. The fact is that no one likes miserable, dark kitchens. The colour white renders everything appearing attractive, from cakes and pasta dishes to teas and wines. White also gives an illusion of space which is most useful for small rooms.


 It is also good to know what are the drawbacks of white quartz countertops:

  • Expensive

Quartz is not an inexpensive material. Persons with tight budgets must avoid these. Yet, quartz is cheaper compared to marble and granite. Having said that, it must be noted that the process of installing white quartz countertops is higher than most alternatives.

Therefore, quartz will be the option for persons who value durability above all other factors. It is ideal for persons who regard countertops as a long-term investment.

  • Looks dirty

Quartz surfaces may be easy to clean, but spots and stains tend to be easily visible against the colour. After all, white colour is not capable of hiding anything.

  • Boring

Some people consider the colour white boring and bland. Many do not fancy snow-white kitchens and do not like the bright quality of the colour. But mostly, white is great for minimalist designs.

In sum, all materials for countertops have their own pros and cons. White quartz is not an exception. Ultimately, the decision depends on you. However, no matter the drawbacks, you can never go wrong with white quartz countertops like those from Quantra Quartz.

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